“An ambitious fashion designer ChrisP”

This ambitious and emerging clothing label was born at the beginning of 2012. ChrisP is the product of a lifelong affair with chic, delicate and rock style. Other than being a clothing line, ChrisP is the incarnation and articulation of a mindset, a life choice and a way of being.In a few words, the line stands for something. When clothes are designed and crafted with passion and inspiration, it… is mirrored in those who wear them.

To transcend fashion, this line is not only unique and sophisticated but also practical, versatile and instantly wearable. ChrisP is characterized by artistic and innovative design, unique style, detailed tailoring and wonderful workmanship.

The garments are unmistakably innovative as they are individually cut and made by hand, justifying their uniqueness. The perspective of the label is to grow and draw inspiration from thousands of people, genres, places, styles and cultures.

Sale points:

Glyfada: Enny Monaco – Laodikis 41, tel: 210 8940153

Nea Smyrnh: Gente & Honey – 25hs Martiou 8 (plateia N.Smyrnhs), tel: 210 9333723, 210 9329970

Mykonos: Enny Monaco – Matogianni 5, tel: 22890 24633

Kea (Tzia): Emmanouella’s – Vourkari, tel: 22880 21588

Contact @ chrisp_greece@hotmail.gr


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