Actress Stacey Dash Victim Of Racial Attacks From Black Racist Morons


October 10, 2012 – (Updated 11:50 pm) Actress Stacey Dash (Clueless) is under attack from some illiterate black racist morons on Twitter. All because of this Tweet she sent out over the weekend:

Stacey Dash


Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.

In response to her Tweet, she is now under attack by some of the dumbest of the Obama slaves. Why? Well because unlike them, she has escaped the chains of the Obama plantation and chose not to live the life of a Democrat slave.

Here’s a link to a Twitchy page where you can see some of the vile, racist responses to her Tweet. Some of the Obama slaves call her the “N” word and others suggest she kill herself. It only takes a few seconds of reading to understand the mentality of some of the scum…

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