Fantasstic Tattoo

My Menstake

I had always heard that lots of people meet at weddings all the time, so I was feeling pretty confident when I spotted a 6’5” hunk at my cousin’s rehearsal dinner. After my fourth glass of wine I decided to waltz on over to where he was sitting and spark up a friendly conversation. He didn’t have much to say really, so I did most of the talking, which is usually the case anyway. As the dinner started to die down we agreed to keep the party going at a bar around the corner. God he was massive. He dwarfed me, and I stand at 5’11”. I had high hopes that he would be the same size other places. Well, I was wrong. Maybe it was an illusion, penis to body ratio is a thing right? Who knows. However, it wasn’t the average size that got me down in the…

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