So She Wrote..


 My face pressed against all that is life a simple photograph of the past. I can feel it in awaking birthing from within; Everyone one wants the secret an organic dream upon the ocean floor where  love smolders brightly. I am just a  jealous boy in big dark world catching a dream . I caught a glimpse of the future and lost sight of the past. I have come full circle from beginning to end, but it has just mad me want to start over again.  Exfoliate my idea’s pressed in the deep. Common sense an irrelevant lie I am going to implode; I can’t stand the jagged feeling of insecurity layered in doubt there surely a  mess to be made.  A whirlwind of expression with only words seems useless. Prescription drugs, and alcohol a fatal combination the sober curse. I just want to fall in love and die. There is no surprise the morning sky’s changed from black to red and…

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  1. Hey thanks for reblogging it made my evening to jump on here to see that 🙂

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