Bec & Call

I once met a Professor who had really long hair, a bushy beard and glasses.  You’ve got to admire a person that embraces their stereotype. Actually, it’s pretty amazing to come across someone who fits a stereotype, despite the images we are fed in various forms of media.  It’s kind of like meeting the one person which someone, somewhere has unilaterally decided personifies a particular type of person.  Ironically, I think it takes a particular strength of character to stick with a look and/or behaviour even if it makes you a stereotype. Maybe this could develop into another lame activity that the British could become famous for, like train spotters*?  Stereotype spotters could be out, lurking in various urban and rural settings, trying to spot librarians with glasses and  buns, accountants in a pin-stripped suits and bowler hats, matrons with ample bosoms and jotting them down in notebooks to discuss later with on their online forum…

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