What’s this button do?


So anyway we have the ipad.

It’s pretty cool. Finding suitable apps its a bit of a drama, but as cows can master paragilding so can I master the art of the ipad. I think? Maybe? No. I’m sure. Yeah sure I can. Maybe?

How hard can it be? Even little 7 year old boys with autism can buy and delete apps so surely if he can they I can too.

Yeah I didn’t quite work out the lock delete apps in time.

But we got there in the end and now I can lock him out of deleting apps and and installing apps and spending all my money on Elmo goes potty level 2.

But there is a hitch. One charming talent my enterprising lad has is a photographic memory. Excellent. Yes?

No. Not so excellent, as he’s memorized all our passwords and pin numbers. All of them.


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