You Guessed It!

Hutch A Good Life

So yester-post whee gave you a pigture of a nose for you to try to guess who it was. Who had been redecorating?

The answer was of course BUDDY! Lots of you got it right. Whee were very impressed!

Piggy Kisses to . . . .

Cupcake Petrillo
Zena of ThePrincessTails
Tiffany F from CuteDogsAndHugs
Texas, a cat in New York
Animal Couriers
Basil from Harringtons Pet Food
Dianda from Cats n Co
Doggy Style
Clowie from Clowie’s Corner
Nellie from CatFromHell
And a final late guess from Miss Mollie and Alfie Cat

Congratulations efurryone who guessed and well done snuggles to those who didn’t get it this time.

Unfortunately though, I do not like our new built in ‘skylight’. It has made the box drafty. This and other things led to me and Buddy having a little argument where whee do a very intimidating dance at each…

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