How do I type special characters using my iPad on screen keyboard?

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Have you been wondering where to find the special characters on your iPad keyboard (those with accent, grave, cedilla or umlaut marks)? As with most Apple solutions it’s surprisingly easy when you know how.

Simply press and hold the letter you want a variation of and the different special characters will pop up for you to choose. For example if you want é press and hold e.

special characters on iPad screen keyboard

If you need a capital put the caps lock on (double tap the shift key – the one with the arrow on it) and then press and hold your letter.

Below is a list of which characters are available with each letter

Letter Special Characters   Numbers & Symbols Special Characters
a à á â ä æ ã å ā   °
c ç ć č   — •
e é è ê ë ę ė ē   £ or $ € $ £ ¥ ₩
i ī į í ì ï î   & §
l ł   “ ” „ « »

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