Improve Your iPad’s Battery Life

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The iPad definitely provides an excellent battery life, but in time it will begin to wear out. These following tips will certainly help you make your iPad last longer.

1. Don’t fetch so ofteniPad battery

If you usually check your e-mails on your iPad, then this option isn’t so recommended. Else, you can choose for your iPad to fetch for new e-mails hourly, so it won’t drain your battery so quick.

2. Don’t keep bluetooth on

If you aren’t using it at the moment, make sure you turn it off, because it will drain your battery with no use.

3. Don’t keep wi-fi on

Again, if you aren’t browsing the internet, chatting or doing anything else related to internet, you can keep the wi-fi deactivated so it will not drain battery.

4. Disable Ping

Apple’s social networking music service, called Ping, was reported as a real battery drainer. Therefore, we strongly…

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