It’s a Small…Island?

A City Broad In Oz

Malta isn’t large. In fact, it’s slightly smaller than twice the size of Washington DC. To be frank, it’s tiny. See the photo of map to the right? See the tiny black dot in the heart land of the country? Smack in the middle? That’s the size of Malta compared to the United States. That really puts things into perspective, right? Probably explains why I am starting to have island fever, too.

I knew Malta was small. I knew it was a tight community. But as one of the most densely populated countries in the world, I didn’t realize how TIGHT the community really would be. To put it into perspective. The United States has 55 people per square mile (21 per square kilometer). Malta’s population density is nearly 54 times that, at 3,000 people per square mile or 1,160 people per square kilometer. That’s nearly the same density of…

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