October Mortgage Payoff Status

Nurse Frugal

My husband and I have decided to change the terms of when we remove the pieces from our visual aid.  In order to keep our mortgage payoff fun and fresh we have decided that it can’t be in the same week that we get paid (we both get paid on the same week) and it can’t be the same week of the budget meeting. With out latest extra principal payment towards our mortgage we have saved approximately $2300 in interest! Sweet!

If you are new to this blog, this is our visual aid for our mortgage payoff.  Every black piece represents a sum of money towards our debt. We take a piece off every time we reach the dollar value of a black piece.

In the beginning: June of 2011

Debt Visual aid tool

September 2012:

Mortgage debt visual aid tool

October 2012, we were able to take off 2 pieces!!!!!

Mortgage debt visual aid tool

What were our struggles last month?

*Saving up…

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