Some questions you should just not ask.

High Heels To Wellies

It’s really frustrating when your ex fuck buddy calls to ask whether you’re getting some only to tell you (brag) that he’s getting some, and lots of it. What person in the right mind would tell this to the girl or boy they used to fuck? Thankfully it was via text and I didn’t reply – didn’t know what to say.

A few possible answers sloshed through my brain a) No, but do you fancy giving me some, I miss you or b) Nah, I’ve give up on that shit, want some time for myself. Both answers true, but lead too much room for thought. He’d answer a) to feel sorry for me, and no one wants their ex fuck buddy feeling sorry for them an b) he’d know I was still hung up on someone and again I don’t want his pity.

Since when did my reserve buddy be…

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