Strange Saturday


  1. Youngest is bitten by a spider.
  2. Two armed response teams, one undercover and two normal police cars arrive over nothing illegal.
  3. Tim attends a coffee morning with two of our children, and the Secretary of State for Wales, while I take the others to their extra ballet lesson.
  4. We take the dogs in the car for a walk (being a saloon, we don’t normally take them in the car).  Quince sits on my lap and obliterates my view and gives me a dead leg.  Maggie bounces around all over the children in the back.
  5. I go to the train station to give my cousin a set of keys.  I can’t find the keys, so assume I’ve made a mistake and left them at home.  He rearranges his plans.  We rearrange ours.  We go home to get the keys and as we get to the top of our drive, I find…

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