Want to Keep Your Teens (or Employees) from Texting Behind the Wheel?


You’ve probably heard of mobile phone jamming tech — blocking a cellphone from communicating with a signal tower. Active blocking is illegal in the U.S., though you’ve probably bumped into passive blocking, whether intentional or no, where, say, a building’s construction materials inhibit or completely deep six your cellphone’s signal (this usually happens to me in hospitals).

But have you heard about texting-blocking?

I hadn’t until this week, after a company called Access2Communications Inc. contacted about TextBuster, a small $179 piece of hardware you place in your vehicle, just under the dash, that thwarts texting. In fact it goes one further and sever’s the phones data connection entirely, shutting off email and any other sort of Internet functionality. The company says there’s no monthly fee for its product, and that you can use as many phones as you like with a single device.

A quick overview of the problem…

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