The Top Cameras on the Market: Point and Shoot, Mirrorless, DSLR


Admit it: you want to buy a digital camera. Maybe it hit you last weekend, as you flipped through blurry vacation pics on your Galaxy S4. Or perhaps it was yesterday at work, when a colleague confused your iPhone concert shots for a semi-religious candlelit vigil. Still, it wasn’t until you turned over half the attic searching of your 2005 Canon PowerShot that you realized enough was enough.

Good news, Ansel Adams. You’ve got options. Digital camera manufacturers continue to develop new technologies, with a variety of choices across a wide range of prices. So before you schedule an Amazon Drone delivery for that $3,000 DSLR, take a stroll through our quick guide to digital cameras.

1) Point and shoot

Best for: smartphone owners who want better, more consistent photos

Like Peyton Manning’s unsung offensive linemen, point and shoot digital cameras don’t always get the praise they deserve. Sure…

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